Happy New Way!

I have been an inconsistent blogger, I know... but cut me a break, will ya? Life happens, and I have just not been feeling bloggy lately.

But I am planning on making a bigger effort this year to keep this up on a more regular basis. So there.

My friend Lauren has inspired me to post more often (which, by the way, have you checked her blog lately? Drool-worthy!), and even gave me some super-cool techy tips, which will make it easier for me to post. I am hoping that will really seal the deal, as I often get annoyed by some of Blogger's features and lack thereof, which makes me just say "screw it."

Oh, and I titled this "Happy New Way!" because that is what I used to say instead of "Happy New Year" when I was a little kid. Not sure why, I am sure I just forgot what I was really supposed to say, or perhaps decided my way was better. Kids are funny, you know. Whatever the reason, it has stuck in my family since I was like, 3. So that is what we Allens say every January 1!

So I have a few new years resolutions, and this is one of them. To blog more often :]


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