I have been meaning to post this for awhile now... This AMAZING hairpiece was given to me by my lovely Cristine, whom you may remember from mr. & mrs. montgomery and sewing adventures continued... .

{ Hairpiece by Zida in Eugene, Oregon }

You may ALSO remember that I have been coveting a feather hairpiece for some time now [ see Peacocking ].

Don't you just love it when you friends really, really know you?

Thanks, Teen!


  1. this is so pretty! what a good friend :). i have one i wore for new years and i love it. if i lives in l.a. i could probably rock it more often. it doesn't always match with the portland fashion scene of yoga pants and keens :). j/k...but kind of not.

  2. It's true. LA is pretty fun for dressing up. I wore it to work, and no one even said anything. It wasn't a surprise haha If I pulled that crap in Salem, I would get "comments" all day--you know, the ones with slight "WHY are you wearing that?" undertones.


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