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I mentioned in Orange Berlin review: part ii  that Brigitte did my hair in a super easy way that I never knew possible. This is what it looks like:

 { I felt like a 7th grade MySpacer taking this picture... }

And this is how I do it:

- Let hair air dry, do a little rub-rub with the towel, or just towel scrunching. Blow dry on low while scrunching, if you are in a hurry. but it looks best when it just air dries (easy peazy!) If your hair isn't naturally wavy, try sleeping with your hair in a braid, and doing the next steps in the morning.

- Mix (roughly) equal parts leave in conditioner (I use Pearatin Fortifying Repairative Serum by Loma, which is hands down the best hair product I have found, to date) and a sculpting wax (I use Graham Webb Brit Style Sculptor. Brigitte used some sort of curl cream wax and I loved it. I mix two products to imitate the one she used--that I of course forget the name of.)

- Rub it together really well in your palms, warm it up,and scrunch this concoction in. Do this evenly and gradually. I have super thick hair, so I am that sure I can handle more than my fine-haired-friends. Don't over do it, of it will look greasy. Start out slow, you can always add more.

*The wax was really the secret. I had never tried it before, and I love the way it looks. I am not CRAZY about how it feels, but it is often worth the trade off for me. It is that awesome.*

- Once it's totally dry, I fluff it around, and use a flat iron to tame the bangs, and give the front few pieces a little more bend. I know that curling your hair with a flat iron sounds crazy, but it is seriously perfect when you want loose, wavy curls. I hold the flat iron vertical while clamping a 1/2"-1" section of hair while pulling it taught and forward, away from my face, so the hair bends around the clamp of the iron.

Like this:

{ curling with a flat iron }

- Do this a couple of times on the same section, as it doesn't work in one fell swoop for long hair. I usually do a little bend at the end, then up once more toward the middle of the piece of hair. I go in the same direction, so it makes a loose curl, and not just a flipped out end. I don't do it too close to my scalp, as that looks too prom-y and perfect. More ringlet than messy. Leave it relatively straight on top, so it lays closer to your head, then wave up the ends.


I hope these instructions made sense? Not quite a YouTube tutorial (which by the way, have you indulged in that yet? It's addicting.), but hey.


  1. I'll try the hair technique & instructions. Let my hair dry all by itself....oh but it takes sooo long.

  2. Your logo is beautiful & pleasing to the eye.


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