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I am seeing these everywhere in LA. Slashed black leggings-- paired with a long top or mini skirt.

{ by Victoria's Secret for $32.50 }

{ by Miss Famous for $27 }

Honestly, this look is a little too high school for me personally, but since this blog is dedicated to fashion, I couldn't keep this one to myself. I have talked to a few friends in Oregon about these leggings, and they haven't seen them yet. So it's true, LA really is first! Just watch :]


  1. I am sooooo going to try this look!

  2. Ew, ew, ew! Leggings =/= pants and slashed leggings are even worse!

    Not flattering at all IMO, what is with them being paired with sandals? I could see this being a rocker look but ugh...I'll just stop haha!

  3. these slashed leggings were all over Greece :] and isn't Europe supposed to be something like 2 years ahead of us in fashion... I mean I never thought pointed-toe high heels would come in, and I'm pretty sure I wore those. I won't say never, but I will say not yet...

  4. Emma, I should have mentioned that people here don't wear them with sandals. Usually short boots or heels.

    And I agree, this look is pretty trashy and not my fave.

    But Paige, you are right. I can't claim "never." I am known to change my mind over time. haha!


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