Two Things I Love... around my home

So I am trying something new...

BacWoods Fern is starting this trend, and inspiring other bloggers to follow suit. So hey, sounds fun to me! And home decor makes me happy, so I love seeing everyone else's posts :]

Numero Uno:

{ Our bed }

I just washed our flannel sheets today, and clean sheets are the BEST feeling in the world.

Also, I have really, really wanted to be a super girl and cover our bed with pointless throw pillows ever since we got married, and my husband thinks that throw pillows on a bed are pretty much the dumbest things ever. His words: "Why?! So you can look at them for 5 seconds before you throw them on the ground and get in bed?"

I know. He has a point. ...But they are soooo pretty....

Anyways, this is my functional-pillow version. The four cream pillows are all standard sized pillows, in normal cream sheets (I am using every pillow case I have--ha!). The brown one is indeed decorative--I recently stole it from our couch. Because I was craving a prettier bed.

Thus, a this-will-do-for-a-poor-couple-who-wants-a-pretty-in-a-functional-way type of bed, was born.

The quilt at the end of the bed is one that I sewed myself (woohoo, me!)

#2 (yes, I know my numbering is inconsistent. I like it that way. And I never took Spanish, so I don't want to put myself at more risk for grammatical errors than necessary):

{ Husband's guitars hung on the wall in the dining area }

Matt doesn't play very often, but I love it when he does.

And I love how they look on the wall, even when he doesn't.

Thank you, dad, for helping us hang them :]

Oh, and ignore my dying bamboo in the picture...


Maybe you should try something new this week too? Perhaps you want to jump on the McLinky bandwagon of Two Favorite Things Around Your Home with your blog?  

Include a link to the BacWoods Fern post it in YOUR post about your two favorite things. Then hook up to the original post with McLinky.


  1. i love that quilt. it always makes me happy/ also jealous because i want one.

  2. Oh my gosh. O totally have not read this blog you were inspired by but I just posted an album on Facebook that is the exact idea. I actually did it because my sister Danelle who is a busy mother of 3 who lives in Washington had said she really wanted to see our place :0) Look at it. It is amazing how similar they are! Love your bedding! Great minds. To think that you are all the way down there in California and I still feel connected at the brain! Love you!


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