Orange Berlin review: part i

Get ready for details, because that is what I am about. And the whole experience was just so divine, I had to indulge!

Haircut appointment :: December 15th at 10am
 I was the first appointment of the morning, and actually beat my stylist there. That was a-okay with me though, as I was a little flustered when I got there because my GPS had been losing signal and stressing me out into thinking I was going to be late. I was greeted by the lovely Martina (who had a gorgeous German accent, not to mention impeccable style), who was setting out some amazing yellow sun umbrellas on the sidewalk in front of the shop. She invited me to sit down on their deliciously gaudy white and gold damask Louis XIV style chairs in their waiting area that is juxtaposed in their minimalist, modern, and completely open floor plan. She offered me coffee, to which I accepted, and was delighted to be brought a personal french press of a hazelnut brew, a white ceramic coffee cup with matching saucer and creamer, and a gingerbread man shaped biscotti cookie all on a geometrically patterned gray lucite tray.

{ something like this, but prettier }

When Brigitte, my stylist, arrived, she was very friendly and instantly put me at ease. She had one of those soft, warm voices that practically lulls you to sleep (in a good way) that was topped off with a gorgeous French accent. We talked about what I wanted (and how I really didn't know exactly what I wanted) and she sat down with me and really listened. She also ran her hands through my hair and checked out my current cut, and then made some suggestions. She told me that she really liked what I already had, but had a few suggestions for improvements that would make it even better.

Her suggestions were:
1) Cut straight across bangs
2) Move my deep side part to the center
3) Grow out my tapered layers around my face to create a fuller, more blunt cut. (Brigitte said that she likes to set goals with her clients--"It's so fun to reach them together!")

I was totally on board with all of these suggestions. I knew I wanted something different, but I wasn't unhappy enough with my current cut for anything too drastically different. This would be perfect. ...And I never realized how much my front layers bugged me until she made this suggestion. I don't like that the front of my hair is not the same length as the back--why did I never realize this? That is the kind of thing that makes you a good stylist, right there.

I told her that I had already washed my hair that morning, so we only needed to get it wet, but we ended up talking so much that she ended up washing my hair mindlessly and I didn't object. Plus, I got a head massage as a result that was totally incredible!

Fast forward to the end of the cut, and I was very happy with the end result. What really sold me though, was the fact that she styled my hair in a way that I actually loved. My hair is really wavy, really thick, and no one really know how to deal with it but me. I have never had a hairstylist style my hair after a cut in a way that I actually like it (okay, there was one time, but it was because she took the time to completely flatiron it). I usually throw it in a ponytail and head home after a haircut. She used some sort of curl-cream-wax that totally worked wonders, and actually showed me a look that I didn't know my hair could so easily achieve. Amazing! 

She even flattered me by showing me off to Martina, the other stylist, and her client. They said that my wavy curls were what everyone was paying big bucks for lately--thanks mom for the awesome hair genes!

...so I know that this is incredibly anti-climactic of me, but I don't have an acceptable picture of my haircut yet. But my hope is that since I posted this, it will remind me to hurry up and take one and post it ASAP. That is my way of keeping myself accountable. So expect a photo soon!


  1. yeah! post a pic soon! i'm pretty sure i've only seen ponytail pics on facebook so far.

    glad your experience was a success :).


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