tin ceiling headboard *edited 1.31.10*

I found this recently on Apartment Therapy

I LOVE it. Don't you?

I also love the shelving contraption they have going on. 

But the headboard--ooohhhh the headboard! I am coveting. I have been casually scoping out headboard ideas lately, as I want to try and make one in the (relatively near) future. There are some pretty amazing DIY headboard projects out there... but this one makes me debate throwing them all out the window and just ordering two 2'x2' panels and calling it a day.

These panels were purchased from American Tin Ceiling Co. for $8 per 2'x2', unfinished, .010 tin plated steel panel. 

Yeah. $8.


added 1.31.10

To clarify the cost of materials... What you see in the photo is listed under "Unfinished Tin" as Pattern 22. I don't know if the panels in the above photo were purchased finished, or if they were finished later. I don't own any of these yet, so I don't know how great or terrible they look unfinished in person. The website mainly says that they should be finished to prevent oxidation and such. My thought is that you most likely won't be struggling with rust if they are serving the purpose of a headboard... but what do I know? 

I think you could easily finish them yourself with a can or two of Rust-Oleum, if you decide you want to "finish" them, to be on the safe side. 

The photo also shows the panels framed in molding. I couldn't identify the exact pattern pictured on the site, but unfinished flat molding is sold in 4' sections at $8.50-$12 each. 

So my best estimate for your total cost is as follows:
2 unfinished panels - $8 each
3 4' sections of flat molding - $8.50 each
Shipping to Studio City, CA - $25
+ a couple cans of Rust-Oleum that you might need... about $20


I would probably spend the same, if not more, on fabric and other crafty supplies if I went the plywood-batting-and-fabric route. 

But there really are some tempting options in that department...

I like the idea of sewing a matching skirt. Looks like another way for a poor girl to fake a rich looking bed ;]

I think I am starting to get a sewing itch again. Christmas is over, and life is finally settling down a bit since our big move, and now I want some fun little crafties to do!


  1. i love the tin headboard idea. definitely cheaper and so unique. i looked at making a fabric headboard, and the thick batting i needed was SUPER expensive. so i gave up on that idea, but i like this one. i may have to steal your idea :).

  2. i did the same thing from the same company and
    they have exactly how to do it on their site.
    i bought them in the color shown which is copper translucent. i trimmed them out with
    channel molding. here look ..http://americantinceilings.com/design/headBoard.html the total cost with the plywood backing and the panels was about 200 dollars and took about 3 hours.


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