have you heard?

Have you checked out Eyes Lips and Face Cosmetics yet? Talk about seriously amazing deals.

I first heard about this site from a friend last summer who mentioned that they are a counterpart of MAC. I haven't found anything on their site that supports this, so I can't deny nor confirm this tidbit. But does anyone else know?

I love that elf is DIRT CHEAP. Seriously, a ton of stuff that is $1. On top of that, when you sign up for their email newsletter, you are sent coupon codes all the time--coupons that are actually worth your time. I am talking 50% off all mineral makeup (which every item in their mineral line is no more than $8 each in the first place!)

I am telling you, they have a great marketing and promotions team, because I literally want to buy something every time there is a coupon, because they are such good deals... which, by the way, don't you hate that? When you find yourself loading up your shopping cart with crap you don't need just because it is SUCH a good deal? Curse you, Dollar Store!

I have ordered from elf twice now, and I plan to review the products that I tried for you in the near future.

So get excited :]

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