wedding budget/fundraising tip?

Check this out, via Offbeat Bride.

That is $20,000 for those of you who can't do quick math (Who am I kidding? I used a calculator.)

Hop on over to Offbeat Bride for the whole shebang, but basically they are doing this over 7 months time, aim to get married this summer, and are in it for the positive environmental impact--besides the cash.

Sounds like a pretty lofty goal to me, but it sounds pretty dang awesome. I am anxious to see how quickly they will succeed. I am sure they will, the only thing I am skeptical of is their timeline--they will need to move their wedding date, change their budget, or keep saving cans after their wedding to pay off their credit cards. That is just my realist (perhaps skeptic?) prediction.

Don't get me wrong though, this is such an incredible goal. I am totally on Team Spokane!!

{ photo via Offbeat Bride }

Any readers in the Spokane area, send your cans to these lovesick puppies!

I will keep you updated on the end result. We will see if they prove me wrong! :]

What do you guys think of this?


  1. I don't know if you knew, but I was the co-captain of the waterpolo club in high school.

    We weren't a school sponsored team so we had to do all the fundraising ourselves and everything else was out of pocket. One such fundraiser was walking up and down the neighborhoods of West Salem and asking people for their cans and then returning them at Roth's.

    I would say it would probably be faster and more efficient at raising the money if they got a second job working in a recycling center! But more power to them and if they don't have to stand at those stupid machines for hours feeding the cans and bottles in that's even better.

  2. I am very anxious to hear the outcome of this. It is a bit mind boggling!


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