want list & need list

What I want...

1. These fabulous colorful anklet socks from J. Crew to wear with heels to work. I would wear them as with rolled up jeans or pencil skirts. Their 3-pack is $24.50 which is quite ridiculous to me, because after all, they are socks... But I have looked elsewhere and can't find anything comparable. And I have been looking since the fall. Yeah, I want them that bad.
 { Solid anklets three-pack at J. Crew }

2. A $99 iPhone. It is finally time for an upgrade on my AT&T plan (I have been bumming off of hand-me-down phones for the last two years, since my LG Shine's screen "mysteriously" cracked to smithereens on my honeymoon a mere 3 months after I upgraded). Not sure when I will actually get around to upgrading though... Perhaps at the end of the month when I get my quarterly bonus? We will see!
{ 8GB 3G iPhone from AT&T Wireless }

3. A cute retro one-piece swimsuit. I have had my eye on this one from Mod Cloth. I may opt for black, but the site's photo of the red one is way cuter.
{ Bathing Beauty Retro Swimsuit for $89.99 at ModCloth.com }

What I need...
Some amazing layering tanks from Shade. 

 { Tank by Shade - $11.50 for one, or 3 for $30 }

These are my layering staple, and it shows. I have like 10 of these, and they are literally all wearing out at the same time because I wear one every day. My white one is starting to look dingy, my green one's hem is unraveling, I literally wore a hole in my black one... the list goes on.

These tanks are the ultimate. Long, so even if I have a shorter layer on, my midriff never shows. High enough, so even if I have a lower layer on, I don't give a peep show. And wide enough straps that my bra never shows. 

I searched long and hard for this modest tank top. The company is called Shade Clothing, and yes, they are based in Utah, and sell modest clothing to Mormons. So while I am not as strict of a dresser as (some) Mormons, I commend this company for offering stylish options to us prudes :]


  1. you posted two days in a row! i'm marking this on my calendar :).

    i seriously want a swimsuit like that. i've wanted one for awhile too... i didn't know they had one on mod cloth, but i love the one that jantzen makes...it looks almost exactly the same.

  2. Try welovecolors for the socks. Great selection of colors and a nice thin weight to look good with dress shoes


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