second (and third and fourth) weddings... to the same dude

I just loved this post I read on Keely's blog, asleep to dream. It's called How to Plan a Wedding in One Week. It's a little lengthy, and somewhat of a thank you note in itself, so there is a lot of name dropping--but there are some cute, romantic moments that I am a sucker for. Keely had a wedding in Mexico in 2006, but her and her husband skipped all the paperwork, so it wasn't technically legal. This past Christmas, they had a little second wedding to celebrate the legal union part!

I originally found this via Elizabeth Dye's blog. She made Keely's original wedding dress for their Mexican ceremony in 2006.

{ gown by Elizabeth Dye in wedding #1 }

{ super amazing vintage shift dress for wedding #2 -- to the same guy }

*romantic sigh*

I love weddings. In case you didn't know that yet (umm... where have you been?!).

When my husband hits the big time and we're rich and famous, I want to be like Heidi and Seal, and have a new wedding for every anniversary. They were originally married in Mexico as well, and have been renewing thier vows on every anniversary since (3 times).

This was their latest (4th) wedding, in LA, due to Swine Flu scares, with a White Trash theme.

{ photos via Pop Sugar }

How amazing is that?! Oh yeah, Heidi is definitely pregnant there, too. Classic.

I think my husband would totally be down with a White Trash Wedding, but I think I would want a couple more pretty ones first. :]

First I think I'd go for a 50s vibe... Something like this.

Then something totally whimsical [in a Victoria magazine kind of way, NOT in a Renaissance fairy kind of way] Something like this...

{ custom wedding gown by Leanne M. }

With this pee-my-pants amazing dress, I would top it off with some crazy whimsical headpiece like this:

{ headpiece by twigs & honey; gown by Elizabeth Dye }

My mom remembers me telling her when I was a little girl that I wanted to have lots of weddings--all to the same person. 

So yeah, I am that girl. 

And it's been since birth.


  1. Im with you! The more weddings the merrier. I blogged about this too :).

  2. I remember when you did that! Weddings and love and style are just so dang great :]


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