Where I (hope I) will be February 11

Today, I just learned about the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. It sounds like a great way for me to experience the city, and (bonus!) it's FREE! Woohoo!

When: Every second Thursday of the month, exhibits open early in the afternoon, and close between 9pm and 11pm, depending on the artist or venue
Where: Main and Spring, between 2nd and 9th Streets in downtown Los Angeles
What: Stretch of open art galleries of all shapes, sizes, styles, levels of fame, and price ranges. Street artists also line the sidewalks.
Admission: Free!

{ Photo of Alex Grey painting live at The Hive Gallery & Studio during a DTLA Art Walk }

Of course, I heard about it TODAY, which means I missed January's Art Walk, as it was LAST NIGHT. Boo. Oh well, my husband wouldn't have been able to make it, and what kind of date would that be? I will try for February!

Pulled straight from the DTLA Art Walk site:

Each art gallery has its own operating hours, with some not opening until mid-afternoon, and others closing in the early evening. Please check individual gallery websites to ensure the spaces you want to visit will be open when you come. Most Art Walk visitors arrive after 6PM, and the streets are crowded until about 10PM, then the activity moves into restaurants, bars, and private spaces.
Want to miss the large crowds, best time is between 3PM and 6PM. Come, and enjoy the Art Walk!

Take the Metro
Take the Red Line to Pershing Square. From there it is 2 blocks east (away from the skyscrapers) on 5th to the heart of the event (Main St.).

Where to park
There are plenty of paid parking lots within the event. For example the city lot below Pershing Square (Fifth and Olive Street), is an option. Some street parking is possible, but please read the posted signs. Art Walk Sponsor Athena Parking Lot —415 South Main Street, 90013. $5 flat rate, indoor lot, no ins and outs.

Obviously, I can't have much of an opinion yet, since I haven't attended or seen anything. But one exhibit I definitely want to check out is the one presented by FIDM. Currently, one of their exhibits is that of The Annette Green Perfume Museum, displaying historical fashion progression as seen perfume bottles and packaging.

{ photo from FIDM's online exhibit of The Annette Green Perfume Musuem }

Modernism encompassed the years 1918 through 1940. This interwar period was a time of tremendous industrial growth and dramatic changes in society, especially for women. The early phase of Modernism is known as “Art Deco” and emphasizes flat, angular geometric shapes and hard edges. The latter phase is designated “Streamline.” It is manifested in curved geometric shapes and repetitive linear arcs suggesting motion waves produced by automobiles, planes and ocean liners.

Women’s fashion was transformed during this period. The modern female body was young, active and lithe. Loose 1920s chemise dresses with shortened hems revealed arms and legs and allowed for ease of movement. Clinging bias-cut and backless gowns of the 1930s provocatively exposed every curve of the female form. Fashion designers such as Chanel, Vionnet, Lelong and Patou all introduced perfumes during this time.

Modernistic perfume bottles and related packaging displayed a design aesthetic geared to monochromatic starkness and abstraction highlighted by metallic streaks and edging, especially chrome. Even during the economic turmoil caused by the Depression, luxury perfumes continued to sell well, likely used as a form of escapism to counteract the economic and growing political disillusionment of the period.

-- The Annette Green Perfume Museum : Exhibits : Museum & Galleries : FIDM (click this link to see the online exhibit through pictures)

I haven't tried the Metro system here yet, either, so I think that would be a really fun way to add to the experience, don't you think?

...Walk to the Metro station (there is one about 4 blocks from our apartment), take the train downtown, sip a latte or a beer, walk around to see the venues and people watch... Yes. Perfect. :]

Have you been to the DTLA Art Walk? What are you doing for free in your city? I'd love to know!


  1. so much fun to be had in your lovely new city. wish i was there to enjoy some of it with you.

  2. Maybe we can do something fun like this when you come visit me!


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