thank you, anonymous

Yay for readers comments!

Today I got comment on my want list & need list post. I would love to give someone credit, but they left the comment anonymously ( Which is totally okay! I don't mean to single you out, anonymous :] ) suggesting that I try out We Love Colors for a cheaper version of those cute J. Crew anklet socks that I have been coveting for months now.

Umm... Jackpot!!

Not only are these socks bright and lightweight, which is what I was going for (and couldn't find elsewhere), they are mix and match! They are sold individually and the site seriously has every color imaginable. Amazing!

They aren't the anklet height like the J. Crew socks, but they could be scrunched down or even old-school folded down. Way cute.

Oh, and it gets better. They are only $3.50 each :] I won't have to feel guilty about dropping $24.50 on some trendy socks. And my husband won't be way annoyed.

As for shipping...it is a flat $5, no matter how much you order. Again--amazing!

I am a happy girl! Now I just have to decide on colors... Decisions, decisions.

Check out their Color Guide for the most accurate picture of what each color looks like. They display them as tights. These are in the running for my favs:

Aren't they great? And there are a ton more. The neon pink and charcoal are a definite yes. I can't decide how many I should get, and which other colors. I think I am pretty much in love with that bright blue, too... Oh man.

I am excited :]


  1. the minty green and yellow are my faves. yay for finding cheap socks!

  2. I know, right?! I keep going back and forth on what colors I like. But I LOVE the mint and yellow too... Geeze. Tough choices in life!

  3. They are the best. I am a big fan of pastels like maize, light pink, baby blue and white. It is hard to find good white nylon anklets anymore. I love to fold them down for that classic look. Have fun!

  4. With that many colors, it is hard to choose. They look way cute. And I like your idea about folding them the old-school way. That's how I like to wear ankle socks, which I think works well if your ankles are reasonably thin. The socks look like they are thin enough to work really well with dress shoes or sandals, so it looks like you are on to something good.

  5. Kristen in AtlantaJanuary 25, 2010 at 6:45 AM

    Wow! I posted that little anonymous comment when I saw your comment on the J. Crew Anklets. You turned that into an amazing ad. I haven't actually bought anything from We Love Colors, but I have seen them on models in some magazines. I guess I need to try some myself. I hope you like them and maybe we will get to see some pictures of you wearing them soon. Let us know how they are and you have a really sweet blog!

  6. Did you ever get your We Love Colors socks? After all your excitement, I hope you get some. Do they live up to your expectations?


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